Feeling Helpless?

  • by Baptist Health
  • September 28, 2020

Do what you can, where you can.

Like many of you, my mind is a whirlwind of emotions when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m concerned for my family and friends. But I’m also frustrated, cooped up at home, watching the news and wondering what I can do to help my community, especially those in need.

So, I started thinking. I’m staying in, maintaining distance when I have to go out, and washing my hands like 93 times a day. But I want to do more. Here are a few ideas I’ve heard lately. I’ve picked a couple that work for me. 

Help older neighbors. We all know that older people are more vulnerable if they get the virus. Many are not going anywhere at all to lower their risk. Reach out and offer to get groceries or pick up medications. You can leave them on their doorstep. Or you could offer to rake some leaves or run other necessary errands.

Get your kids involved. Kids are the best at making colorful thank you notes with awesome drawings and sentiments that only kids think of. They can do this for whoever they’d like to thank – their teachers, a neighbor, or anyone who needs their day brightened.

Give blood. Hospitals are in need, but some people are afraid to give. The American Red Cross follows the highest standards of safety and infection control, and they encourage – no, they need – healthy people to donate blood or platelets during the pandemic.

I haven’t donated blood in about 20 years because it made me feel a little woozy. But wait; people really need it for survival. So I told myself, “Suck it up, buttercup” and I’m doing it anyway. Plus, I hear they give you juice and cookies.

Thank a health care worker. Anyone in the health care field – from those in hospitals to first responders and pharmacists -- could use a personal thank you these days. Send a text or email, or better yet, kick it old school and send a personal note. A handwritten thank you (remember those?) can touch a heart. 

Thank other essential workers. Truck drivers, grocery store clerks, the police, mail carriers, sanitation workers, delivery people and others could use some heartfelt appreciation. I read a suggestion on Facebook to offer Gatorades or waters to your mail carrier or garbage collector, or anything you think may brighten their day. (Keep safety in mind.)

Support local businesses. Ordering takeout is a great idea, but if you aren’t comfortable with that, here are some other ideas. Consider writing a nice Yelp or Facebook review or see about ordering a gift certificate. Our housecleaning company offered that idea and I took them up on it.

Support your local hospital. Baptist Health is looking for donations of commercial PPE, hand-sewn masks and isolation gowns, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes. For more details about the Compassion for Caregivers campaign, including mask and gown patterns, go to the "You Can Help" section at baptistjax.com.

At Baptist Health, we want to help keep you and your family informed about COVID-19. We’re coordinating with the health department and following CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our community. For more information, visit baptistjax.com/covid19 or if you have questions about COVID symptoms, call 904.302.5050

This article was written by Baptist Health for Juice, their fresh & informative health news site.


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