Smoothie King Launches New Delicious Espresso Smoothies and Pumpkin Smoothies

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  • September 6, 2022

Smoothie King, the leader in purposeful smoothies, has been on the leading edge of the industry since being founded in 1973. Today, Smoothie King announced the launch of a proprietary Espresso. The new Espresso offering compliments the brand’s current Cold Brew smoothies, plus, guests will have the option to add Espresso or Cold Brew to any smoothie on the menu. 

To celebrate this historic moment, beginning August 30, guests can take advantage of Smoothie King’s latest offer: Buy any 20oz Espresso or Cold Brew blended smoothie before 11:00am for just $5!

The launch of Espresso further positions the brand as a competitor in the coffee landscape, with the goal of helping guests feel energized while providing a nutritious and delicious alternative to blended coffee offerings from other major brands. With the number of Americans drinking coffee each day rising to 66% according to the National Coffee Association, Smoothie King sees an opportunity to provide guests with a healthy and delicious blended coffee option that will improve their overall health and wellness while giving them the boost they need to take on each day.

“As we dive back into our busy routines with Summer winding down, Smoothie King’s new Espresso and Cold Brew smoothies will give you the needed boost to take on the day,” said Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim. “Smoothie King has always promoted a healthy and active lifestyle and we’re ecstatic to offer nutritional Espresso and Cold Brew options that put the wrap on frappes.”

Bold Flavor Through Bold Innovation

Smoothie King is reinventing the coffee experience by giving guests more healthy choices. Guests can choose from a selection of Espresso – 159mg of caffeine per 20oz. – or Cold Brew – 83mg of caffeine per20oz. – recipes. They can also add Espresso or Cold Brew to any smoothie of their choosing. Both are a great option as all smoothies are packed with real nutrition and no artificial flavors. 

  • Vegan Coffee Mocha Smoothie: Sunwarrior Organic plant-based protein, banana, dates, Califia Farms Oat Milk, 100% cocoa and choice of Espresso or Cold Brew coffee
  • The Activator ® Recovery Coffee: A fitness blend that features Espresso or Cold Brew coffee, coconut water, banana, Gladiator® Protein, nonfat milk, and protein blend to help hydrate, recover and shape up.

  • The Hulk ™ Coffee: Made with Smoothie King's special blend, this coffee combo fuels muscles without slowing you down.

  • Keto Champ ™ Coffee: A great option for guests looking for a keto-friendly blend, this smoothie provides an extra caffeine boost alongside Smoothie King’s keto protein blend. 

  • Coffee D-Light ™ Mocha: An Espresso or Cold Brew coffee blended smoothie that helps consumers get moving with 100% cocoa, nonfat milk, whey protein, dairy whey blend, and dates.

  • Coffee D-Lite ™ Vanilla: A blend featuring Espresso or Cold Brew coffee, nonfat milk, turbinado, dairy whey blend, and vanilla frozen yogurt. 

  • Coffee High Protein Almond Mocha: A perfect little pick-me-up, this high-protein coffee-based smoothie features more protein for even more energy. 

  • Coffee High Protein Vanilla: Featuring Espresso or Cold Brew coffee, dates, nonfat milk, dairy whey blend, almonds and whey protein, this blend is great for vanilla lovers looking for a boost.

Make This Fall Less Basic with Organic Pumpkin Smoothies

To provide guests with a wide range of delicious and nutritious smoothie offerings, Smoothie King is carving out a new patch for pumpkin-loving fans with the delicious new Pumpkin smoothie line-up. Made with real, organic pumpkin puree and containing 12 grams or more of protein, Smoothie King’s Pumpkin smoothies are a better tasting, nutritional alternative to other national coffeehouse Pumpkin Spice Lattes and will be your new Fall pumpkin obsession. 

  • Keto Champ™ Pumpkin: A smoothie made with organic pumpkin, Califia Farms® almond milk, almond butter, keto protein blend and seasonal spices. Includes 9 net grams carbs, 20+ grams protein and no added sugar.

  • Pumpkin Coffee High Protein: A fitness-focused blend to get the morning caffeine kick and build muscle. Made with organic pumpkin, cold brew coffee, dates, almonds, non-fat milk, two kinds of protein and seasonal spices.

  • Vegan Pumpkin: An entirely plant-based blend made with organic pumpkin, Califia Farms® oatmilk, bananas, dates, Sunwarrior ® organic plant-based protein, stevia and seasonal spices.

  • Slim-N-Trim™ Pumpkin: An under 300 calories in a 20 oz pumpkin smoothie, but still has 15g of protein. Made with ingredients like organic pumpkin, bananas, dates, protein, a fiber blend and seasonal spices. 

  • Pumpkin D-Lite®: This “Enjoy a Treat” blend is made with organic pumpkin, dates, vanilla frozen yogurt, nonfat milk, protein and seasonal spices for a better-for-you pumpkin indulgence.

For more information on the smoothies that are hitting Smoothie King locations this fall, visit or download the Healthy Rewards App, available on the App Store and Google Play.


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