Explore the St. John's River Like Never Before

  • by 904 Newsroom
  • January 13, 2023

Explore the St. Johns River like Never Before with St. John's 

RIVERKEEPER's New Recreation Website!

St. Johns River, FL. – St. Johns RIVERKEEPER is pleased to announce the launch of their new  website, Explore the St. Johns River. The website is for outdoor enthusiasts and novices alike.  Visitors to the site can search various categories such as hiking, kayaking, marinas, dining,  places to stay and more, to learn about and plan outings throughout the St. Johns River  watershed.

“An important part of our work at St. Johns RIVERKEEPER is to educate people about the  wonders of the St. Johns and introduce them to the many beautiful and special places  throughout the river’s watershed,” explains Jimmy Orth, St. Johns RIVERKEEPER executive  director. “The St. Johns is Florida’s longest river and one of the most unique and important  waterways in the United States. Our new website is intended to make it easier for the public to  get out and explore this national treasure.”

The website serves as a unique space for users to discover places to explore along the 310-mile  St. Johns, including the lakes, creeks, tributaries and natural lands that comprise the river’s nearly 9,000 square mile watershed. In addition to parks and outdoor recreation, the site  highlights local businesses that are a part of the river community - including waterfront  eateries, hotels and fish camps.

“We want Explore the St. Johns River to be a website people can come back to as their one stop-shop to find their next adventure along our St. Johns River, whether they’re looking for a  new spot to camp for the weekend, a park to visit with the kids or simply a beautiful waterfront  view for dinner,” said St. Johns RIVERKEEPER’s communications specialist, Rebecca Vecera.  “Through this process of discovery, we also hope to establish in the community a greater sense  of appreciation and stewardship for this amazing river.”

The St. Johns RIVERKEEPER team plans to continue to expand the website. “For our initial  launch, we wanted to include the more popular and accessible places to visit along the river,  that anyone can enjoy. As time goes on, we look forward to adding many more points of  interest, and I can’t wait to hear feedback from users about their personal favorite spots now  that we have launched the site,” Vecera continued.

Visit explorethestjohns.com to find a new place to launch your kayak or boat, walk and enjoy  Florida’s winter weather, or join a guided nature tour along the water!

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