Aftermath of a Peaceful Protest which ended in Violence

  • by 904 Newsroom
  • May 31, 2020

We struggle to find words for this. The aftermath of a peaceful protest which ended in violence breaks our hearts. We stand with the Jacksonville citizens who came out to march and protest peacefully, because our hearts are with this cause. Conversation needs to be had, justice needs to be served, and change needs to be made. But this type of destruction, hatred and violence is not the answer.

We should not blame every protestor for this destruction as we should not blame every cop for the death of George Floyd. Let’s do better together. We are all Americans entitled to free speech and equal treatment, regardless of color.

In the midst of the aftermath, members of the community and downtown JAX ambassadors came together this morning to clean up our beautiful city.

Another protest is planned for 10 a.m. at the courthouse and JSO asks that you avoid the area if you are not participating in the protest. Please stay safe and turn to your local news stations for the most current updates.


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