904 Vegan Guide: 10 Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Jacksonville

  • by Solveig Syverud
  • June 1, 2022

Constantly checking Yelp to make sure the restaurant you’re going to has vegan options? We’ve been there, so we wanted to make it easier for all of our vegan friends in the 904! Whether you’re trying out Meatless Monday’s or have been eating plant based for years, we think there is something for everyone to enjoy on this list. Without further ado, here is a list of our 10 favorite vegan friendly restaurants in Jacksonville!

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1: Southern Roots

Southern Roots is a fully plant-based brunch spot in Riverside featuring all things brunch, espresso, pastries, and more. From a breakfast biscuit sandwich to a vegan and gluten free Oreo crumble donut, Southern Roots is sure to satisfy all your cravings! Plus, everything is made from scratch and majority of their ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced.

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2: Jax Beach Brunch Haus

If you’ve been to the beaches, you’ve most likely seen a line out the door at the Jax Beach Brunch Haus. Jax Beach Brunch Haus is one of the most popular brunch spots in Jacksonville Beach, and vegans don’t have to miss out because they have an all-vegan menu along with their regular menu! From vegan French toast to their super veggie tofu scramble, Jax Beach Brunch Haus should be on your itinerary  for your next Sunday Fun-day.

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3: Kravegan

If you’re a vegan living in Jacksonville and haven’t tried Kravegan, where have you been? Kravegan has been voted the #1 Best Vegan Restaurant in Jacksonville and for good reason. Everything is made from scratch and is so full of flavor that you won’t believe you’re eating vegetables! With an emphasis on soul food, Kravegan offers items such as a Smoked Ribz, Meatball Hoagies, Kalamari Po–Boys, Loaded Fries, and more! Kravegan has a location in the Orange Park Mall as well as a mobile food truck. Follow their social medias to know where their food truck will be that week! (@kravegan)

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4: Sushiko Japanese Bar and Restaurant

No more boring vegetable rolls or avocado rolls, because Sushiko Japanese Bar and Restaurant has officially changed the vegan sushi game in Jacksonville. Located in the heart of Avondale, Sushiko Japanese Bar and Restaurant has an extensive vegan menu with 50 (that’s right FIFTY) unique vegan sushi rolls. They also have various vegan entrees including Tofu Hibachi, Tempeh Fried Rice, Vegan Curry Fish, and so much more.

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5: Murray Hillbilly

Murray Hillbilly is the place to go when introducing vegan food to your non-vegan, meat loving friends. Murray Hillbilly is located in Murray Hill and is an all-vegan restaurant specializing in southern comfort food. They’ve got all your classic southern fixings like Sloppy Joe’s, BBQ Pulled “Porc”, Muenster Mac N’ Cheese, Hush Puppies, and more! Plus they use all local, natural, and fresh ingredients! We’re drooling just looking at the menu.

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6: Taco Lu

When Jacksonvillians think of their favorite local tacos, TacoLu is undoubtedly one of the first to come to mind. TacoLu opened in 2008 and has since extended their menu to include 5 fully plant based tacos! We highly recommend the Bangin’ Tempeh taco and Vegan Chorizo taco, you can thank us later.

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7: Hoptinger

Vegans crave cold beers and deliciously greasy bar food too! Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House now satisfies that craving with plant based options. Along with their extensive drink menu of draft beers and craft cocktails, Hoptinger’s food menu also includes a vegan and vegetarian section! This section includes a Roasted Portabella Burger, Falafel Bites, crispy beer-battered Cauliflower Heads, and more. You can enjoy everything Hoptinger has to offer at either of their two Jacksonville locations, in Jacksonville Beach and in Five Points. 

P.S. The Five Points location offers a vegan Ruben… just saying.

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8: Hot Dog Party

Hot Dog Party is an all-vegan, late night food truck that specializes in hot dogs. You heard that right… vegan hot dogs. They mostly reside in Five Points and are open from 8pm to midnight on the weekends, so when you’re craving a loaded hot dog after drinks and dancing all night, you know where to go. However their locations are changing constantly, so be sure to follow their Instagram to know exactly where they will be that day! (@thehotdogparty)

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9: Sweet Theory Baking Co.

We had to include our favorite vegan bakery, Sweet Theory Baking Co. just in case you have a sweet tooth like we do. Sweet Theory Baking Co. opened in 2012 and is located on King St. in Riverside. All of their bakery items are made fresh daily, by hand, and using all natural and organic ingredients. They sell egg free and dairy free doughnuts, biscuits, cupcakes, cakes, and offer gluten free options as well! Seriously… you won’t believe that they’re vegan.

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10: Mayday

Looking for vegan ice cream in Jax? One of Jacksonville’s most popular ice cream spots, Mayday offers the most amount of dairy free flavors compared to other competitors in the area. Mayday has seven locations around Florida, including locations in Jacksonville Beach, Riverside, San Marco, River City, and St. Augustine! They have classic dairy free flavors like Almond Butter Chocolate and Toasted Coconut year round, as well as rotating seasonal flavors. If you’re feeling crazy, their homemade chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cacao nibs, and pretzel cones are all dairy free too! Go big or go home right?

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