Meet Artist: Elena Ohlander

  • by Jordan Mixson
  • January 27, 2023

Elena Ohlander is one of Jacksonville’s fine artists who combines the worlds of fine art, culture, and illustration.  Much of Elena’s work is culturally driven and reflective of her Norwegian and Asian  background.  However it is not limited to that.  Her art pieces, whether in the form of wall murals or a series of paintings in an art gallery , are multi-faceted.  There is a deep love for Anime, Manga, and Japanese pop culture often depicted in her works.  

There is also an homage to Japanese folk art illustrations in many of her pieces too.  At times, some of Elena’s works even allude to social commentary about diverse cultures, identity, societal challenges, but also the joy of embracing the complexity of the human experience we all share.  

Be sure to check out Elena’s portfolio here

Upcoming News:

Van Gogh Experience Mural in Downtown Jacksonville on the exterior of the parking garage facing the entrance inspired by Van Gogh’s work incorporating my signature female figure together with origami cranes (Spring 2023). Special thanks: Sunbelt Rentals, Kobra, and Sherwin Williams.

Mural pending on the patio of Norikase restaurant in Tinseltown in coordination with their grand re-opening (Spring 2023).

Solo Exhibition in coordination with the 50th Anniversary Season of the Beaches Fine Art Series - February 24, 2023 - Espressivo! - Piano Quartet featuring Jaime Laredo, Sharon Robinson, Anna Polonsky, and Milena Pajaro Van de Stadt at St. Paul’s By The Sea Episcopal Church. FREE ADMISSION


Chris Jolly ( The Wall at College Park)

Elena with her daughter Phoenix


Jordan Mixson


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