Spot To Try: Mariscos El Pacifico Seafood Bar & Grill

  • by Elaine Gonzales @ElaineEatsJax
  • May 16, 2022

Mexican restaurants are plentiful here in Jax. Most with very similar menus, no surprises. You pretty much know what to expect, even if you’ve never been to that particular restaurant before.

Enter Mariscos El PacificoLocated in a space formerly occupied by a Famous Amos on University Blvd, Mariscos El Pacifico has been serving Mexican seafood for 3 years. I’ve driven right past it at least a handful of times over the years not knowing I was missing out on fresh ceviche, seafood soups and pastas! They even have whole fried or grilled Red Snapper. 

The owners are from Sinaloa, a coastal state of Mexico known for their seafood. The manager proudly tells me that the shrimp they serve at Mariscos El Pacifico is imported from their hometown. So, I’ve grown up in the 904 and I’m partial to our local “Mayport” shrimp…. But I have to say, the shrimp from Sinaloa was very good too! It was meaty and tasted clean(void of that iodine taste typical of Gulf shrimp). They serve beer and wine and make their own sangrias and agua frescas in house. You can also get a 16 oz or 32 oz Michelada in a shrimp and cucumber lined mug ( a drink AND a snack!). 

Seafood not your thing? No worries, they have the more traditional Mexican dishes as well.I went for a quiet, midweek lunch but I hear the weekends are a totally different vibe. They have live music (including a tuba!) starting at 5pm and it can get quite loud. Whether you go for the quieter, weekday meal or if you’re looking for a more raucous time- just GO!


Elaine Gonzales is a local food blogger, retired stay-at-home mom and 2nd generation foodie. She has lived in Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville for over 40 years and loves finding and supporting restaurants in the 904 and surrounding areas. Her philosophy is: You only get to eat so many meals in your life, don't waste it eating boring food.



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