From Atlanta to Jacksonville: A Culinary Journey with FeedTheVille

  • by Jordan Mixson
  • February 28, 2024

In the world of culinary arts, inspiration often comes from unexpected places. For Chef Kalin Anderson, his journey from Atlanta to Jacksonville has been a tapestry woven with family influence, personal experiences, and a deep-rooted passion for food. In this exclusive interview, we delve into his upbringing, culinary style, and the impact of Asian fusion cuisine on his creations. 

1. Finding Roots in Atlanta: 
Chef FeedTheVille's roots may trace back to Atlanta, but his culinary journey truly began with the vibrant summers spent there. Despite only being born in the city, the essence of Atlanta runs deep in his veins. These summers weren't just about leisure; they were about learning the art of hustle and connecting with people from all walks of life. It was here that the seeds of his culinary passion were planted. 

2. Influences from Jacksonville: 
Growing up in Jacksonville, Chef Kalin’s culinary style was heavily influenced by his family, particularly his parents. From his dad's mastery of the grill to his mom's ability to recreate dishes from work events, his upbringing revolved around the kitchen. The ethos of "we can make this" instilled by his mother remains a guiding principle in his approach to cooking, allowing him to create dishes infused with personal flair and creativity.I can visually look at something and make it simply off that. Thank you ma. -Chef Kalin 

3. Connecting with the 904 Community: 
For FeedTheVille, sharing his passion for Asian fusion cuisine and other culinary creations with the 904 community is a priority. He thrives on pop-up events, welcoming food enthusiasts to experience his creations firsthand. Whether it's through public events or private bookings, his goal is to provide an unforgettable culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

4. Crafting Memorable Experiences 
Turning each plate into a memorable experience is second nature to Chef FeedTheVille. With a deep love for his craft and a lifetime of culinary memories to draw from, he infuses his dishes with nostalgia and emotion. Every bite is an invitation to journey back in time, reliving cherished moments through the language of food. 
When you truly love what you do this is probably the easiest part. Food has been apart of my life so much that I have my own memories and years of experiences that spew out in the food accidentally intentionally every time if that makes sense. The goal is for you to always flashback to a moment with us no matter when it happens. - Chef Kalin

5. Lessons from Le Cordon Bleu: 
Chef Kalin’s formal culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu provided him with invaluable lessons that continue to shape his cooking today. Beyond mastering techniques and recipes, he learned the true essence of the culinary industry – resilience, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. From working full-time while studying to enduring the grueling demands of restaurant kitchens, every experience has been a lesson in perseverance and passion. 

Chef Kalin’s culinary journey is a testament to the transformative power of food and the enduring influence of family and experience. From Atlanta to Jacksonville, his path has been defined by a commitment to authenticity, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of culinary excellence. 
To experience his culinary creations and stay updated on upcoming events, visit and follow FeedTheVille on Instagram.



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